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I’ve visited Lesley several times, and what keeps bringing me back is her warm and snarky attitude, and gentle, almost blasé approach to waxing that really helps make you feel comfortable – even if you have never done it before.  She gives advice on products and techniques for home maintenance, and encourages questions and comments, even doing extra research if necessary (such as “when is a good time to get a tattoo?”). I’d definitely recommend her to any guy thinking about getting waxed.

Rachel M.
I have enjoyed and greatly benefited from the services of ‘Bioelements Facials’ and ‘Eyebrow Waxing’ from Lesley Hirter.  I was a little nervous about switching Estheticians because I’m pretty particular about how my eyebrows look.  After talking with her, she knew exactly what I wanted and shaped my eyebrows perfectly. And have continued to do so each time! Lesley is also very passionate about skincare.  She has refined my skincare routine and always has time to address any questions or concerns that I may have. Since my facial I have had fewer breakouts and my face looks and feels hydrated. Many, many thanks go out to Lesley, I will always have her do my eyebrows and facials!

I should probably start off by saying that I grow hair like a grizzly bear so the fact that Lesley can even manage to tame it should speak for itself! Lesley has been taming my grizzly bear hair for several years now and although I fell off the wagon and had services at other places at times there is truly nothing that compares to the job she does! Lesley started off waxing my legs and i was such a baby I had to have a “bite stick” now I actually look forward to our hour long waxing appointment. Lesley makes you feel comfortable and at ease even in some of the more “compromising” times. I have sent friends and family to Lesley because there is really no one else I trust more with the people I care about!
Kristie LMP; Life Coach-Potential Energy, Inc
Having a great esthetician is a must for me and Lesley is it! She is AMAZING! Her facials are the best I’ve ever had. I always feel taken care of, and she reformulates and customizes my treatments every visit, helping me keep my breakouts under control. She gives the best facial massage and I feel wonderful when I leave! I also greatly appreciate her eyebrow and lip waxes. I could go one and on, but instead just go see Lesley and find out for yourself!
Kerrie C
I have been coming to Keri for almost 10 years. She is hands down one of the best in the business!!! Keri is always on time, her shop is always spotless, and she is very friendly! When she moved out of state briefly my eyebrows weren’t the same!!! When she came back I was first in line to schedule an appointment!! Now, my mom and sister are regular clients of hers as well!! Keri’s facials are also a wonderful treat!! She counsels me on skin care and gives me tips and suggestions on products that make my skin look and feel better!! I would highly recommend Keri to anyone with waxing or skin care needs and readily have!!!
Kacie Kacie Korstad Nails
Lesley is the only one I will trust with my brows from now on! I have never been happier with the shape, and contour. She is also the first and only one who waxed my upper lip and I didn’t break out. She knows her stuff and has a great personality to boot! Check her out, you won’t be disappointed!
Sofia Delish
When I first met Keri, I was a getting my nails done at the salon, and had never even considered taking advantage of the services she offered. When it was suggested to me that I check it out, I immediately dismissed the idea because it was going to hurt, and I didn’t want anyone that close to my lady parts offering up pain. And plus, I was incredibly self-conscious of my body after severe weight loss. After speaking to several friends who have used her services, I was ready to give it a try. But before I did anything I had several questions for Keri. How badly was it going to hurt? How often do I need to get it done? What is the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened while you were working? Is it going to be an issue that I am self-conscious of my body? Keri was considerate and professional in answering every question I could come up with. She talked me through the entire process, and she was able to keep my mind off of what was going on while still managing to do an exemplary job. As a Pinup Model, Keri never lets me go to a photo shoot or event without making sure I have perfect eyebrows, as a woman, she makes sure my lady parts are well taken care of. I would suggest her to anyone ever considering having waxing done. Keri is a professional in every way, and I highly recommend her
Anya B
Keri provides excellent esthetic services that have always far exceeded my expectations. It is apparent that your needs are always her top priority. She is knowledgeable, attentive, and her level of professionalism is exemplary.